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06257 Christopher Eustache


Christopher Eustache

Kindle Edition
51 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The headline on the newspapers stole his attention. Printed on the cover was a huge picture of a starving African boy- but the conflicts in Africa had sadly become cliché, and that wasn’t what caught his attention. What pulled him to the paper was a sub-headline right next to the sad image, mentioning a business conglomerate’s endeavors to harness immortality through some sort of supercomputer. Humans had nearly mastered everything on this planet except for their own condition, and now they reached for immortality while people still starved in Africa and terrible wars continued to be fought over petty differences. He wondered if humans were even worth saving- immortality to help preserve our self-inflicted suffering. The fact that these two headlines were on the same page sickened David to his core.Continuing to stare at the depressing photo, he thought about the immense amounts of torment and suffering that could happen on this planet. He dwelled upon the idea of starving to death and found himself on a downward spiral of thoughts. It wasn’t the mere concept that sent his mind to dark depths, but the fact that these things actually happen. People in this world, similar to him, have died horrible deaths: Burned alive, drowned, tortured. With real torment and misery on that scale, he couldn’t help but believe that death had to be a beautiful release—a safe haven with no suffering or pain, no matter what kind of person you were. And what of punishment? Living on this planet was punishment enough.-Excerpt from 06257