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A Catalog of Inspirational E-books Diane K Chamberlain

A Catalog of Inspirational E-books

Diane K Chamberlain

Published June 14th 2014
Kindle Edition
21 pages
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 About the Book 

Have you been looking for some new e-books of inspiration…e-books that can teach you how to exchange a weakness in your life, for a greater strength- that can only be found through Jesus Christ? Do you want to discover- how you can find God, to be a closer friend than your circumstance and would you like to find a way out of your pit of despair? “A Catalog of Inspirational E-books,” by Author Diane K Chamberlain, will lead you directly to some of her great devotional, poetry and quote books- such as “You Are Not Alone in a Lonely World”… “Inspirational Quotes from Above”…“Time Alone with God” and “Words from the Heart” and let’s not forget her newest devotional e-book series… “A Collection of Writings: Inspired by God.”“A Catalog of Inspirational E-books,” will not only lead you to Diane’s books of inspiration but you will be able to read reviews- that have been posted on amazon.com., as a means of knowing firsthand- what other people are saying about Diane’s work.In addition, to all the book information- you will learn a little about Diane’s life and how God brought her, from her own pit of despair- to a place, where she found the strength, through Jesus Christ- to exchange the weaknesses in her life- so that she could reach out, with the wisdom that God has given her- as a means of helping others, who live in despair.Also…contained within the pages of this book- you will get to know more about Diane’s ministry, which she has served in- for over 12 years. Diane has also provided the links- to where you can reach her daily devotions and nightly blogs and at the end of the book- she has also furnished the reader, with links that will lead them, to all the places, where they can find her work…along with her newest series of devotional e-books… “A Collection of Writings: Inspired by God.” Come and join Author Diane K Chamberlain and discover some words of hope that have been truly inspired by God.