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Palaces and Prisons (Bronwyn Tetraology Ron Miller

Palaces and Prisons (Bronwyn Tetraology

Ron Miller

Published September 1st 2001
ISBN : 9781587520617
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Fantasy: She is beautiful, lithe, swift and as deadly as the blade flashing in her hand. The blood of kings runs strong in her veins--but her weakling brother wears the crown. She is Bronwyn, a name that strikes fear in the hearts of the depraved courtiers feasting like jackals on the corpse of her fathers kingdom. Her brother rules the land, but a ruthless maniac is the puppet master behind the throne. To save her kingdom, Bronwyn must enlist a rebel force of gypsies and giants, peasants and pirates, mountebanks and changeling spies. They are an unlikely assortment of heroes but they are Bronwyns last hope....