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Walk The World S Rim Betty Baker

Walk The World S Rim

Betty Baker

ISBN : 9780644002639
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 About the Book 

This book touches on the actual failed Narvaez expedition, which made Cabeza de Vaca one of four survivors, and later famous for his accounts of it. The book then leads us into the search of the seven fabled cities of Cibola. This story is rich in history, culture of the native American tribes encountered by the group, and in moral lessons.The main characters are an Indian boy, which the Spanish met when they made his village a stopping point and Esteban the black slave of one of the Spanish explorers. This book was a great learning tool for my kids. It provided for some great discussions about what greed can do to people, about being judgmental, and of the injustices of slavery. Most importantly however, we discussed how we should treat people if we are truly interested in spreading the word of God. My daughter and I both wondered how many natives were and still are to this day ultimately turned off by Christianity, due to the many injustices suffered by them at the hands of those bringing Christianity to them? The ending of this book was rather sad too, but again a great lesson in keeping ones honor until the end regardless of the consequences. Great book, for sure!