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President Roosevelt: The Lives and Legacies of Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt Charles River Editors

President Roosevelt: The Lives and Legacies of Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt

Charles River Editors

Kindle Edition
113 pages
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*Includes pictures of Teddy, FDR, and important people, places, and events in their lives.*Includes a Bibliography for further reading.For a man who grew up to become the Bull Moose, Theodore Roosevelt was a sickly child, suffering from asthma and other maladies. But his physical weakness actually drove him to be more active, which also fostered an interest in nature. It also helped that Teddys family was wealthy, allowing him privileges including home school and the ability to attend Harvard, where he was an athlete and took an interest in naval affairs. After finishing at Harvard, Teddy entered politics, but it didnt stop him from writing The Naval War of 1812 in 1882, establishing himself as a professional writer and historian.In the 1890s, it was Teddys turn to make history, leading the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War and being decorated for his service with a Medal of Honor. He parlayed his glory into the governorship of New York and then the Vice Presidency under William McKinley. When McKinley was assassinated in 1901, young Teddy was thrust into the presidency, one that would earn him a place on Mount Rushmore, Roosevelts Square Deal domestic policies favored average citizens while busting trusts and monopolies. Teddy also promoted conservation as an environmental stance, while his speak softly and carry a big stick foreign policy is still an oft used phrase today. Teddy even earned a Nobel Prize during his presidency. By the time Teddy died in 1919, he was an American icon. Today, Teddy is remembered for being an explorer, hunter, author, soldier, president, and safari adventurer, all of which combine into one unique reputation. As with all legends, Teddy is often portrayed more as a quintessential mans man, to the point that the legend obscures the actual man.Teddy is on Mount Rushmore and might be Americas greatest 20th century president, but if hes not it might be because of his own relative. Whether Franklin Delano Roosevelt was Americas greatest 20th century president or not, theres no question that he was the most unique. A well-connected relative of Theodore Roosevelt, FDR was groomed for greatness until he was struck down by what was widely believed to be polio at the time. Nevertheless, he persevered, rising through New York politics to reach the White House just as the country faced its greatest challenge since the Civil War, beginning his presidency with one of the most iconic lines ever spoken during an inaugural address.For over a decade, President Roosevelt threw everything he had at the Great Depression, and then threw everything the country had at the Axis powers during World War II. Ultimately, he succumbed to illness in the middle of his fourth term, just before the Allies won the war.President Roosevelt chronicles the lives and legacies of the famous relatives who became two of their countrys greatest presidents, humanizing the Bull Moose by juxtaposing his tender side with his masculinity and looking at FDRs dogged determination to beat all of his enemies, no matter what form they took. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about Teddy and FDR like you never have before, in no time at all.